About RAA

Ruck Across America (RAA) is an old fashioned hike across America and then some. With a GoRuck GR1 pack loaded with assorted goodies. Beer is optional but highly encouraged. Rucking is done by GoRuck Tough alumni and friends and this endeavor was entirely organized by GRT alumni around the country. To learn more about the GoRuck Challenge, go here.

There is no headquarters or organizing body to call or email. I would like to point out the organizing medium was Facebook, making this some kind of social media phenomenon. Twitter is also a decent way to follow RAA with @ruckamerica and #ruckacrossamerica. There are several hundred GRT ruckers making this epic journey possible and I would like to dedicate this site to those folks. Hat tip.

The journey officially started in Coronado, California on June 22, 2012 and went north from there. See the gallery and blog for the latest sitrep. Our estimated finish is in Fort Carson, Colorado, in February of 2013.

This is also a fundraiser for the Green Beret Foundation, please see our donation page for more information.

Media: Interested media who would like to report on the Ruck Across America event, please contact Ben O’Grady for additional information.

-Ben, Class 007, 083, 172